Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Gray Toesday and Tailsday

The weather here has been very gray outside. There are lots of clouds and not much sunshine. I love to go out to my screened-in porch but without many sun puddles I think that I will stay inside on my favorite stool. I can nap here and then look out the window for bunnies, birds and chipmunks under the front bushes.
Life is good, even on gray days like today.
And not to forget, it is Toesday Tuesday and just look at my ever-so-pink toesies! Oh, my striped tail is right by my right leg too!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Fun and a Flashback

Well, here it is Friday and I just thought that I would hang out on my sleeping bag with some toys. That way I can start playing right away after my nap!

Look at all my toys up here on the couch with me. I have a mousie that is filled with yummy catnip, a wand toy and my yellow ball. Plus I get to nap on my so snuggly sleeping bag!
Since it is Flashback Friday I wanted to show you a picture of China Cat and Willow snuggling together on this very couch!

Don't you think that they look so sweet snuggled up on their Christmas Blanket. This was from February 10, 2013, three days before Willow's 9th birthday. I believe that China Cat and I look a bit alike! And look, Willow has a bit of ginger on her too!

Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 'Tis Time t' Meow Like A Pirate

Ahoy Mateys! 
'Tis th' time o' th' year t' be meowin' 
like th' pirate cats of old!
Let us be plunderin'
whilst we toss a few back!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless in my Tent on Wednesday

Monday, September 1, 2014

Relaxing on Labor Day

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Angel China Cat's 17th Birthday Today

August 31st would have been China Cat's 17th Birthday. 
I was brought here as a kitten to be friends with her after her Sweet Willow went to the Rainbow Bridge. China Cat was very sad so I tried to play with her and make her love me too. Sadly, China Cat was only here for three more months before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. I like to think about her and Willow happy to be together again.
This is what China Cat and I looked like 
when we first met in May 2013.

We liked to spend time out in the screened-in porch. 
China Cat loved the sunshine and I loved being with her!

At mealtimes we would wait in the kitchen for our Food Lady to bring us our breakfast and dinner. Sometimes even treats! And real tuna for birthdays!

By July I was getting bigger than China Cat!
I miss her but I have fun playing with my Food Lady now.

This was China Cat when Willow was just a kitten in May of 2004. She sure did get way bigger than China Cat. Willow was the sweetest ever big cat and China Cat was so happy to have a kitten to love!

You can see that in September of 2012 
Willow really did get bigger than China Cat....... 
she still loved her as her kitten.

China Cat and Willow were in a sunspot 
on Willow's 9th birthday.
China Cat always licked Willow's head for her.

My Food Lady made this picture 
of China Cat taking her daily naps.
I hope that China Cat is having a Happy Birthday 
at the Rainbow Bridge with her Sweet Willow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Sunday to one and all!
I am relaxing in my screened-in porch in the morning today. My Food Lady said it will be way too hot this afternoon to go outside so I am enjoying the morning air.
This should be a great day!