Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

How do you like my China Cat bed?
My Lap Lady bought it last Valentine's Day just for me.
It's just the perfect size for me to curl up in it!Here are the Weekend Cat Events:
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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos - Edition 94
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Carnival of the Cats #267
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that
Today I finally get to blog again!
It was like two weeks ago that my Lap Lady's parents drove here all the way from California. Usually they come to visit us at Christmas so I figured that something special was going on. It was nice having two extra people living with us - there was always someone to pay attention to me! But then last Wednesday my Lap Lady, Big Janitor and my Grandparents all left us alone...
They came home to sleep and then they all left again - sometimes for hours. My Lap Lady didn't even help me make my Easter picture. And I was missing visiting all my friends - I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter!
Anyway, my Grandparents left on Monday morning, my Big Janitor went on a business trip Tuesday morning and my Lap Lady was gone all day Monday, Tuesday and yesterday. But now I know what all the visiting was for...
My Lap Lady and Big Janitor's daughter, our human sister Darling Daughter (DD), had her very own little baby boy last Wednesday, April 8th and he got to go home on Easter Sunday. I didn't get to see him but my Lap Lady has been taking lots of pictures of him. I might be able to show you a picture of him - my LL will ask DD if that's OK with her. My LL says that Darling Grandson (DGS) is adorable and he already has Lots of hair on his head!
My Lap Lady is going back over to help with DGS so I am just going to stay cozy until she comes back home for dinner. Willow will probably come snuggle with me so we won't be lonely. I'm just glad to know why everyone kept leaving and my LL assured me that she will always come back to us!