Monday, July 29, 2013

My Spike William on his 2nd Mancat Monday

Spike William and I were lucky enough to hang out together in our screened-in porch with Louie the Lamb. I always like to snuggle up on the couch and today Spike joined me on top of the couch. Did you notice??? He is almost as big as me already!!!
He is getting a bit more settled down since he had his "boy cat surgery" so he doesn't jump on me as much as before. Still, I could do with a bit less attacking since I am 16 years old and he is only 6 months old! But he is a very sweet kitten and my Lap Lady and Big Janitor love him, just like they love me!
I wanted to add that I am now starting to feel my age. I hope that I still have a long time here with little Spike, my Lap Lady and Big Janitor but I seem to be eating less and sleeping more. If I have to go to the Rainbow Bridge I will get to be with my sweet Willow again.... but I am not really ready to go yet. Any purrs and prayers would be welcome as my Lap Lady hates the thought of losing me so soon after Willow.