Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011

It's time for the Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011!
I am China Cat Sunflower and I am Snuggly!
I love to snuggle in my ginger tabby cat bed and in my green plaid cat bed
and in my pink cat bed...
I also love to snuggle in our Christmas Gizzy Quilt
and the crocheted Snuggly blankets...
If I don't feel like snuggling in any of those then I just go into my Big Janitor Dad and Lap Lady's room and jump up on their bed. That is the most excellent place for me to snuggle because my Lap Lady always covers me up with her very snuggly soft white blanket.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention my favorite place, when it's cold,
is to snuggle on my Lap Lady's Lap underneath a cozy blanket!
Now, you know why Snuggly is my Word!

And everyone knows I love to snuggle with Willow!
I want to thank Ann from Zoolatry and Judi from Sam, Andy and Shelly's Place for creating so many beautiful graphics for today! And everyone should head on over to the Cat Blogosphere for the links of all the participants! I'm heading over there now before beginning my mid-morning snuggling in bed!