Friday, December 1, 2006

Snow Day Today

We seem to be having a snow storm out in front of my house today.
The Dad is pushing all of the white stuff around on the driveway.
I think he should have stayed inside
since I was still sleeping quite cozily in bed.
I am especially annoyed considering the fact that the alarm went off early for this "snow stuff" because he needs to leave early for work.
I'm not saying it's all about me but,
this is quite affecting my morning.

This is all that I could see out the front window.
I couldn't even see him out there.

Oh well, my Lap Lady is still in here and ready to feed me breakfast.

And since it's Friday, check out all the other cats on the Friday Ark! Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted by The Hidden Paw And Sunday you will find Carnival of the Cats #141 at Catymology.

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Rascal said...

But of course it's all about you! You have an excellent window seat there. Thanks for the link. I'm adding you to my link list too.