Thursday, December 7, 2006

I Was Sleeping...

So, there I was all cozy and snuggly
and minding my own business.
You know just taking a cat nap, if you will.
when suddenly there are flashes going off right over me.
Therefore, I had to look up with the evil eye.
Now, may I please return to my nap????? And on Friday, check out all the other cats on the Friday Ark!
Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted Saturday by Belly Timber And Sunday you will find Carnival of the Cats #142 at The House of (Mostly) Black Cats.


Lux said...

You poor thing! This has been going on for *days now! Perhaps you need one of those masks people wear over their eyes when they go to sleep!

sammawow said...

Well, I do sleep a LOT - but I think that I will check into that sleep mask thing. Thanks for the idea, Lux :)

LZ said...

That ALWAYS happens to me. It really annoys me. Hopefully it went away soon.