Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thanks on Thursday...

We received presents from Kashim and Othello!
Willow and I participated in the contest they held
and they sent us some presents for participating!
I was so excited to see my name on the envelope.
It certainly had very interesting smells on it too.
And look, they wrote us a letter too!
It even has their pictures on the top of it.
Boy, they are some terrific looking catboys!
There were mousies and balls to play with.
Willow, get out of my way!
You can't tell with Willow in the way,
but I am playing with a leopard colored cat ball!
These are such fun... And this gray mousie makes rattly noises! I had better catch my breath for a minute... Nope, it's still playtime!
Thank you so much for such fun toys,
Kashim & Othello!


Daisy said...

China, I am glad you had so much fun! It is very nice of Kashim and Othello to send special gifts to all of the entrants in their contest.

Astrid (…and the kitties too) said...

Oh we are glad it arrived savely and you seem to have fun wif our little toys.

have fun! love and hugs,
Kashim & Othello

Astrid (…and the kitties too) said...
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Unknown said...

Presents are way fun!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Wow, presents are fun to get aren't they. All da way frum Austria!

Lux said...

Ooh, good stuff there, China!

Anonymous said...

Look at all that good stuff. No wonder you had to lay down to open it all!

Thanks on Thursday would be a great meme, wouldn't it?

Boy said...

Your vewy own wetter! And toys! That wooks wike so much FUN!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I am so glad you have a great time.

Have a nice weekend~!

Unknown said...

getting mail with your name is great!