Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Janitor!

I love my Big Janitor aka Dad.
He takes very good care of me.
Almost every nice evening,
he takes me out to sit
on the porch bench out front.
Just me and him.
Happy Birthday, Dad!


Daisy said...

China, that is a very beautiful card you made. I know your Dad will love it! And I hope he has a very Happy Birthday!!!

Forty Paws said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Big Janitor Dad!!!

Luf, Us

Tara said...

That is so lovely! Your Dad must be very happy and proud! Happy Birthday to your Janitor Dad, one day late!

Parker said...

What a nice card for your Daddy! Happy Birthday to him. He sounds very sweet. It's nice to have "Daddy" time - I love that!